Ashoka Highway Research Centre (AHRC) is premier research institute related to highway designs, construction and maintenance having independent functions under the guidance of the team of national experts in highway engineering. The AHRC is administratively attached to Ashoka Buildcon Ltd., being its independent Division for Highway R & D. The centre is established in the year 2010 and presently its head office is located in Ashoka House, Ashoka Marg, Nashik 422011, Maharashtra, India.

The centre is equipped with modern laboratory with sophisticated testing equipments including special testing equipments for instant quality assessment of highway structural parts i.e. Earthwork, GSB, bituminous surface etc. The whole affairs of laboratory are being managed by highly qualified professionals. The AHRC has devoted to professional excellence in the area of highway construction and designs technology through universal class research and development programme. Consultancies in problem solving services are also being provided in all matters related to highway development in process being followed by National Highway Authorities and agencies of State Highways All research activities are being carried out under the guidance of Mr. M. V. Patil, director (Technical).

The R & D areas of centre are related to all the highway designs and construction aspects including those of sustainable developments in highway constructions and aspects of Green Highway initiatives. Monitoring quality assurance programme, third party assurance to quality assessment, road safety, maintenance management and demonstration and applications of innovative construction technique are also the other areas of activities in which centre has engaged.

AHRC being a part of ABL, is an ISO accredited institution and all research project matters are being handled with due diligence and care as per precisely prepared quality plans to meet ISO requirements. The "Customer's Satisfaction" is the motive of AHRC and other entire companies of Ashoka group.

Objectives of AHRC

  • To carryout applied research work and study on all highway infrastructure facets related to planning, design, construction and maintenance of highways including material testing and evolving innovative sound and economical construction technology.
  • To workout economical, durable and sustainable propositions in materials and methodology of highway construction so as to achieve enhanced serviceability of highway and minimize users cost with innovative technologies and methods.
  • To develop Green Highway initiatives in designs, construction and maintainence of highway works so as to minimize the highway construction impact on environment and ecology.
  • To tackle the field problems in highway construction and suggest sound and economical solutions to such problems based on exhaustive testing and interpretation of data work by experts.
  • 5. To establish co-ordination with apex and other highway research organizations for exchange of information and research data so as to achieve overall development in highway construction and designs.
  • To study road accident and development of road safety measures.
  • To arrange training progammes for highway engineers and supervisors.
  • Publication of scientific and technical papers including research news related to applied research in highway engineering.
  • Study of new materials and suggest its applications in highway construction.
  • To undertake third party quality audit work.